Jim Corbett National Park History

Jim Corbett National Park history started from the Britishers times. Jim Corbett National Park built up as Hailey National Park in 1936 is the most established national park in India. It is then renamed after a popular tracker Jim Corbett as Jim Corbett National Park. It is arranged in the Nainital area of Uttarakhand. Jim Corbett has 458 unique types of plants and 600 types of birds. Spreading in the region of 521 km Jim Corbett National Park is presently the best overseen and secured zones in the nation drawing in a great many Indian and remote guest consistently. It is renowned for TIGER, LEOPARD, ELEPHANT, DEER, CHITAL, GHARIYAL, WILD BOAR, NILGAI, HOG DEER, BARKING DEER, SAMBHAR DEER, SPOTTED DEER, SLOTH BEAR and so on. Various types of feathered creatures including MYNA, PHEASANT, PEACOCK, WOODPECKER, HORNBILL, BARBET, SUNBIRD, KINGFISHER, DOVE, MAGPIE, MINIVET, PATRIDGE, BUNTING, TEAL, EAGLE, DRONGO, BULBUL, THRUSH, OWL, ORIOLE and a lot progressively different kinds of flying creatures are found in Corbett.

jim corbett national park information

It has thusly turned into a fantasy goal of flying creature watcher and creature darling. Jim Corbett National Park is currently the best overseen and ensured zones in the nation. Accordingly, it draws in a huge number of Indian and remote guest consistently. Jim Corbett National Park is currently assuming a major job in ensuring the jeopardized Bengal Tiger. Corbett Tiger Reserve provides accommodation and day visit facility to visitors. It is divided into 6 zones namely:-

  • Dhikala
  • Bijrani
  • Jhirna
  • Durgadevi
  • Dhela
  • Sitavani

These zones offer day visit and night stay for the traveler. Day Visit/Jungle Safari is the most favored by the vacationers who are on their short visits. The safari is done distinctly by the vehicles that are enrolled with Corbett Tiger Reserve. If it's not too much trouble note that the private vehicles are not allowed inside the jungle. 2 Canter rides(limit of 16 people groups) keeps running in the first part of the day and 2 at evening to take the travelers to the Dhikala Zone for Day Visit. Get information about Corbett Forest Rest House

Corbett National Park enables day visit safari twice a day and there is a time schedule of evening and morning. There are just 30 open jeeps, which may be allowed at any time period. There are numerous lodgings and resorts outside the limit of Jim Corbett National Park. These give settlement and range from extravagance to economy, thus fitting the pocket of the guests. Jim Corbett Trip gives Convenience, Food, Safari, and Adventure Packages Facility to guests. Guests may search for Jeep Safari in Corbett. Guests may likewise Taxi in Corbett. We create Corbett Tour and Safari Packages including Resort, Safari, Taxi, Adventure Activity for you at not many cost.

jim corbett national park information

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